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What is Debt Settlement?


At Bandari Law Group, charging you to file a bankruptcy is NOT our top priority. After your free consultation, we discuss various financial options, which may include negotiating your debt as opposed to filing bankruptcy. The attorneys at our office will deal directly with your creditors. Our team brings savvy legal skills and years of experience to the table. There are a ton of different avenues we can take that avoid filing bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation companies are almost never a good decision. Many will charge you a 15% up-front fee to settle your debts. In addition to this outrageous fee, your creditors know that debt consolidation companies don’t have any legal teeth when it comes to filing lawsuits or bankruptcies. That’s why we can always get you a better settlement. It is imperative that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney at Bandari law Group as soon as you begin to feel overwhelmed with debt. 


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