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Slip and fall accidents cause very serious injuries.


They result in high medical bills, medicine cost, lost wages, etc. To add to this, you have to spend time treating your injuries and enduring high levels of pain and suffering along the way. People can slip and fall anywhere, in a public or private place.

Who is Liable for Slip and Fall
To determine if an owner is liable for unsafe premises, one of the following must be true:


  • That the property owner knew about the dangerous condition and did not attempt to correct it

  • The property owner should have known about the dangerous condition and should have taken steps to prevent injuries, as a "reasonable person" would have done

  • That the property owner created the dangerous condition which led to the accident

Liability is many times determined by common sense. Most judges and juries ask whether the owner of the property did what most reasonable people would do, in keeping the place safe. The judge will determine if the owner had a routine or daily log of things he did to make sure the place was safe.

Other factors that may be taken into consideration when determining fault may include:
How long did the dangerous condition exist, and did the owner have time to be knowledgeable about the situation and fix it?
If the owner did attempt to remedy the situation, were his or her actions appropriate and reasonable?
Was the victim careless in his or her actions, thereby contributing to the accident?

What to do if you slip and fall?
We strongly recommend that you immediately take photos and collect evidence after you fall. Don’t attempt to speak with insurance companies by yourself. Speak with a skilled professional today that will deal with the insurance companies for you. Our team will perform a thorough investigation and represent our clients zealously in every slip and fall matter.

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