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At Bandari Law Group we take vehicular accidents very seriously, and we are here to support injured parties. We offer consultations absolutely free. At the consultation we will go through the details of your matter and we can give you free legal advice immediately about fault, insurance, liability, etc.
Here are a few things that we recommend you do immediately following any accident, regardless of fault.


  • SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT. Check on people around you. Call 911 and seek medical attention. Remember that many people do not realize how bad they were hurt until hours, days, or even weeks after an injury. Make sure the other party is okay as well.

  • WATCH YOUR WORDS. Be careful what you say to Insurance companies. They will use whatever you say against you later. You may think that what you are saying is harmless, but most of the times it can be twisted against you without solid representation. We usually advise our clients not to apologize or admit guilt in any way. Even if it seems like the kind or compassionate thing to do, such kind words will often be used against you later. Be careful.

  • OBTAIN OWNER & INSURANCE INFORMATION. Safely ask for the information from the other driver or drivers involved at the accident. Get their name, insurance provider, contact information, driver license number, and license plate number.

  • DOCUMENT VITAL EVIDENCE. Get as much information as you possibly can at the scene of the accident. Use your camera phone and document everything that seems important. We can always go back and delete irrelevant photos and notes later, so caution on the side of more. One of our lawyers can still represent you even if you don’t do this, but we appreciate all of the evidence you provide.

  • SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY. Always remember that the goal of an insurance adjusters is not the same as yours. Their goal is to impede your right to compensation. We strongly advise you not to discuss your case with the adjuster and certainly don’t accept their initial offers. Even if you do not hire our firm, we believe whole heartedly that injured parties do much better with legal representation. Speak to a qualified attorney today.

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