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Bandari Law Group is a Premier Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Law Firm.

We aggressively represent our clients against insurance companies and banks.

(714) 248-7441

Why Choose BLG?

Personal Injury

How much is my auto injury case worth?

  • The nature, pain, and severity of your injuries,

  • The amount of medical treatment necessary for your injuries and whether you require ongoing treatment,

  • Whether your injuries caused wage loss,

  • How active you were prior to the accident,

  • If you have any permanent impairments, disfigurement, or disabilities,

  • Physical and/or emotional suffering you experienced because of your injuries, and

  • Whether or not you are an eggshell plaintiff (prior injuries)

  • Many more factors…..


Bankruptcy Law

Our very easy 3-step Bankruptcy process

1. Meet with an attorney at our firm, virtually, by phone, or in person. This is free of charge. A very quick and confidential meeting is all we need to understand your case. .

2. We file your case. Our staff will get all the information and documents we need so that we can prepare and file your case.

3. Enjoy living debt free. After a successful case you will receive a discharge of your debts. After discharge you can finally live with peace and mind about your finances.



Filing for bankruptcy is obviously a tough process for anyone. I was on the fence for a long time because I was worried about what it would do to my credit score. But the stress of having all of this debt was too much. I was very lucky to have found Bandari Law Group. They make the process so simple and streamlined. He will walk you through all of your options and which chapter you are eligible for. He really takes his time and the great part is that he actually cares! I was always able to get him on the phone when I had questions, which is usually tough with lawyers. But for a busy firm, he still took the time to make sure I understood every step of the process. Can't recommend Bandari Law Group enough!!!


I highly recommend Borna. I went through a lot of financial situations 4 years ago after closing a business and dealing with many issues that came up regarding leases, equipment, etc. Borna saved my sanity and he saved me a lot of money.  He is a firm negotiator. He always has the answers for me when I turn to him. Having him in my corner brings my business and myself power. I have hired many attorney's over the years, but none have accomplished for me what Borna has. He is a rare, valuable asset to my small business.


I went to Mr. Bandari at a critical time in my life. I was homeless, living in my car and only receiving social security mailed to my daughter’s house. The attorney did my case for free and only had me pay the courts filing fee. His office handled all the creditors calls and made the entire process so easy for me. I am really grateful for Mr. Bandari's help and guidance.

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